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About Us

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We live in the heart of South West Wales on the borders of the Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire countryside, we enjoy picturesque scenery, but more importantly we live in the Welsh cobs country of origin.

Our First Cob

The Gellifach breed first started with the purchase of Llanfair Mai Lady in 1979 and has developed over the years with selective breeding trying to improve the confirmation as priority, closely followed by the markings and temperament. We have purchased new bloodlines over the years but have always ensured to maintain the standard. When we first started breeding Welsh cobs Section D our main aim was to maintain the high standard within the breed but also to continually improve the confirmation.
Llanfair Mai Lady


We have enjoyed many successes in local shows, but none have maid us more proud than winning the Prince of Wales cup in the Royal Welsh Show with Gellifach ap Dafydd.
Gellifach ap Dafydd

Home   About Us    At Stud   Brood Mares    Young Stock   2007 Foals

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